Deploy leads to a type error

Issue #1976 resolved
Nadzeya Polautsava created an issue

Hello, deploy of some types of metadata (visualforce components, email templates) leads to a type error:

I’m using 2021.1.3 version of InteliJ IDEA.

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  1. Nadzeya Polautsava reporter
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  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi. That error is coming from the Salesforce CLI. I can also see in the log that your CLI install is a bit (though not much) behind. I would recommend that you do a full uninstall/reinstall of the CLI and see whether that helps to resolve the issue.

    I also noticed another unrelated error in the provided log:

    2021-08-30 16:48:23,203 [25813922]  ERROR - rains.concurrency.AsyncPromise - Could not initialize class com.illuminatedcloud.intellij.completion.EmbeddedMarkupUtil 
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.illuminatedcloud.intellij.completion.EmbeddedMarkupUtil
        at com.illuminatedcloud.intellij.completion.EmbeddedMarkupFileNsInfoProvider.getDefaultNamespaces(SourceFile:56)
        at com.intellij.xml.util.XmlUtil.getDefaultNamespaces(
        at com.intellij.xml.XmlExtension.getNamespacesFromDocument(
        at com.intellij.xml.HtmlXmlExtension.getNamespacesFromDocument(

    I had previously only seen that in logs from 2021.2, though you're running 2021.1.3. The users who had experienced that issue found resolution by completely uninstalling and reinstalling the JetBrains IDE. Evidently it is a result of one or more in-place upgrades of the IDE over time.

    Please let me know if this doesn't help to resolve the issue(s).

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