Synchronize process does not see new vf page

Issue #203 resolved
Michael Sobczak created an issue

I've updated my project Settings to select a new VF page a colleague created. However, when I Retrieve Metadata, I don't see the new VF page as something I can retrieve. I've changed the Contents to all of the options available but the new VF page does not appear as something I can select.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Sorry for the issue, Michael. Have you selected the option to retrieve missing metadata in the retrieve dialog? Since you mentioned you've tried all of the options in that dialog, my guess is yes, but let's rule out what might be a simple solution first.

  2. Michael Sobczak reporter

    In the Select Retrieval Scope dialog, I don't see an option to retrieve missing metadata. I did do a [Refresh] under Project Settings - Modules. Which dialog are you referring to?

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Michael, what version of the plugin are you running? I released several updates to the retrieve functionality over the past few weeks to resolve this specific set of shortcomings/issues. The latest is

  4. Michael Sobczak reporter

    I have intellij 14.1.5 and Illuminated Cloud Will I need to upgrade intellij in order to use the latest version of IC?

  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    You can just update the plugin to the latest version. You won't need to update IntelliJ. Please keep me posted on whether that resolves these issues.

  6. Scott Wells repo owner

    By the way, there have been quite a few enhancements since The first thing you'll likely notice is that it'll prompt you to convert your offline symbol table from a library into an SDK. That should be pretty transparent, though. I've also added support for static resource bundles (editing archive-type static resource contents in an exploded fashion), propagation of deletes to the org (optional), faster client/server operations by avoiding unnecessary logins, limited support for Lightning components development (deploy/retrieve works, but no dedicated parsers yet), method-level Apex unit test execution and unit test context configs, and much improved metadata retrieval (and to a lesser extent, deployment). Just wanted to point those out since you'll be making a pretty notable update here!

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