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Christopher Tufts created an issue

Hey Scott, I am hoping I am not the first user with this issue…

I currently use github and gearset, the team is starting out using both IC and git/github, so we are currently in the stage where my devs are using IC and git, but my admins are mostly still either using changesets, moving things manually, or having a dev help move things with gearset in a point to point fashion as not all my metadata is in git.

I would like to begin to move to a model where admins do their dev them move items to git. Then we can deploy to qa/uat org with git and gearset ci/cd.

In an effort to make things easy for the admin team I want them to learn to use gearset to create branches and commit to the repo. this is where the problem starts…

gearset has three options for controlling ‘xml quote escaping’ for formatting the metadata files detailed here


the current issue is that the repo currently has everything in the first option where everything is unescaped as that is how IC pulls it and stores it in SFDC, which is fine and you would think that would mean everything would tie out with gearset, the problem is that their code wants to do this:

  • The setting will convert UTF-8 into lower case utf-8 in the XML header

and IC does the opposite.

Again, I am hoping I am not the first person with this issue and theres an easy fix in IC or webstorm, if not I have created an enhancement request for them to work with you to setup their app to have a config setting which matches what IC does when pulling from an org straight to git to minimize metadata formatting conflicts.

And, sorry for the book of a help request…

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  1. Christopher Tufts reporter

    I had a dev take a look at this as she had some downtime, it seems like a pretty common issue with JB, their support hasn’t been very helpful. I am wondering, are you just writing out what ever SFDC sends you as far as the xml goes or are you converting any of it?

    I think I might need to look into a pre-commit hook but I feel like there needs to be an easier way…


  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    No, IC2 doesn't format retrieved metadata. It only changes retrieved metadata in two specific circumstances to correct malformed retrieved XML, and in both of those situation the existing formatting is returned and the malformed elements are replaced with valid elements.

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