Some orgs take a VERY long time to retrieve metadata and freeze the IDE

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Nochum Sossonko created an issue

In one of my orgs where there’s a lot of metadata it takes a REALLY long time to retrieve even one or two fields or other metadata items and during that time the entire IDE freezes up, can’t really use it.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi. First, can you ensure that you're using the latest build of the product? A bit back an optimization was added in this area to accommodate for a regression in the base JetBrains IDE when processing files external to the project. If you are on the latest version and this problem still occurs, please enable debug logging for metadata retrieval, reproduce the issue, and either attach or email the resulting idea.log file for review.

  2. Nochum Sossonko reporter

    I am on the latest. I’ll do the debug logging, but where should I send it to via email? I don’t want to post in public forum as it’s sensitive….

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