Reconcile Local Metadata with that on the Server

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Jason van Beukering created an issue
  • I track and manage source (metadata) with Git and always want my local files to exactly reflect those in a Salesforce Org

    • Therefore if an item is added (by another developer or via SF UX), I want to ensure that these are automatically retrieved (based on my metadata “type” subscription)
    • If an item is renamed (by another developer or via SF UX), I want automatically to have the file git “renamed” locally or at least a delete and insert operation performed
    • Finally if an item is “deleted”, I want the item automatically deleted locally
  • I currently do the following to keep local files in sync with the org:

    • Refresh metadata data index for the org
    • Delete local files
    • Pull latest metadata
    • Commit (after relevant reviews)

Basically, it would be a huge productivity improvement if IC could manage for me…

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  1. Jason van Beukering reporter

    @Justin, we’re using IC to manage pulling and pushing metadata to an Org, and not directly using SFDX command line. Also we would want this behaviour for ANY Org type (DEV, Sandbox, Production) etc…

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