error "null: need to specify full name" when retrieving

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Petr Švestka created an issue

Hi Scott,

This error is from time to time appearing when I try to retrieve metadata. It blocks the retrieval completely.

I first noticed in, then in and even now in

Screenshot and logs attached.

Log settings still apply from the last investigation: #com.illuminatedcloud.intellij.builder.ForceComBuilder #com.illuminatedcloud.intellij.builder.ForceComMetadataRetriever #com.illuminatedcloud.intellij.builder.RetrieveAction

I'll now try to create a new project selecting only a bare minimum of metadata.

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  1. Petr Švestka reporter

    Ok, I was able to create a new project selecting only a subset of components. I also didn't generate the offline tables – no sure if this may play any role...

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Sorry for the issue, Petr. Thanks for including the logs. I'll see what I can get from them. Do you still have the original .iml file around from when this error was occurring? If so, would you mind sending that over as well? If it contains sensitive information about your project, feel free to email it instead of attaching it here.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Petr, it looks like this is happening when Salesforce returns a failed retrieval result. That's the message they supply. I'll research a bit and try to understand why it might happen. Can you tell me anything more about Client_Capital_and_Revenue__c? Is it a custom object or a custom field? Is it from managed package where it should be namespace-qualified (or in this case, not even retrieved as local source)?

  4. Petr Švestka reporter

    Hi Scott, Client_Capital_and_Revenue__c is a custom object. I don't see anything special about it. It's not in a package, normal local custom object.

    When retrieved, it forms a normal-looking Client_Capital_and_Revenue__c.object file.

    Have you experienced the error message before Scott?

  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    Unfortunately I've not ever seen this issue. Let me scan the logs you sent a bit more. It's possible that the particular reference to Client_Capital_and_Revenue__c could be for something related to the custom object such as a layout or similar that shares the same name but is a different metadata type. My guess (albeit unsubstantiated) is that I'm adding that to the request manifest without full qualification, hence the question about whether it might be from a managed package and therefore in need of a namespace prefix. I'll keep looking. If you do hit this again, please let me know ASAP and please send me the .iml file as well as the logs so I can see the metadata selection. Thanks for the assistance debugging this!

  6. Scott Wells repo owner

    You can use "scott at illuminatedcloud dot com" or "support at illuminatedcloud dot com". Is it currently in the broken state? I think I'll really only need the .iml file when it's in the broken state.

  7. Scott Wells repo owner

    Another user has hit this same issue (different SObject, but same issue), and he has ascertained that it only occurs against Spring '16 orgs and not Winter '16 orgs. I'm going to follow up with Salesforce today to try to understand why this may be the case, and also to get access to a Winter '16 org (assuming I don't already have one) so I can hopefully reproduce it myself. Petr, can you confirm whether the org in which this occurred is on Winter '16 or Spring '16?

  8. Scott Wells repo owner

    I've heard back from Salesforce and at least some manifestations of this issue are related to the Spring '16 upgrade. Evidently there are some changes to the v36 SOAP API that are incompatible with the v35 SOAP API and result in this error. I'll be updating IC for a v36 client ASAP after the Spring '16 upgrade completes. Hopefully that will eliminate this issue for everyone. In the interim, the workaround is to change the metadata selection to avoid metadata types/objects that result in the error. After the Spring '16 upgrade is complete and IC is updated with a v36 client, I'll circle back around on this issue and make sure that it's resolved for those who have reported it.

  9. Scott Wells repo owner

    Is this problem still occurring for you after the Spring '16 update? I've heard from some users who had seen this that it seemed to go away once the full update was in-place. Not sure if I can/should resolve this issue or see if I can reproduce it now that everyone is on the same version.

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