Design elements deleted still appear in sync list

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Michael Sobczak created an issue

Several design elements have been deleted in the SF environment. When I sync metadata in IC, I see those deleted elements in the Compare dialog on the right with a green arrow pointing to the left. When I move those elements to the left, they still appear the next time I sync. How do I remove these design elements from IC?

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Michael, the directory diff is currently unidirectional. Changes to the left-hand side aren't tracked. I've been thinking about adding that behavior, but for now if you want those items removed from the local source root, you can just delete them from the file system either using IDEA or your favorite external tool. If you delete them using IDEA, it'll prompt you to delete them from the org as well. Assuming they're already deleted in the org, you can just say no to that prompt.

    I'm going to keep this issue around for me to figure out some better way to handle syncing of deletes from the org. It's definitely a gap.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Folding this into issue #151 as a centralized way to make it clear that right-to-left operations are not supported during retrieval.

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