Retrieving Metadata Locks other IDE Windows

Issue #234 duplicate
Tyler Mowbrey created an issue

When doing a metadata retrieve or deploy, any other IDE windows I have open, such as when I'm working on two or more orgs, are locked and I can not work until the metadata process is completed. I am unsure if this is a "feature" of Intellij or something that you are able to look at.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Tyler, this is under my control. I've folded it into issue #186 which calls for making many of these key behaviors be backgroundable processes. With each process there's often a point before which is needs to be modal (e.g., gathering stable files for deployment) and/or a point after which it needs to be modal (e.g., physical generation of the OST files), but in between most of these can be executed in the background. So the answer is that I do plan to do this, but probably not until after I've knocked out a few other committed features and fixes.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    The funny thing is that it drives me BATTY to have to wait on something when I could be otherwise productive, so this is definitely near-and-dear to my own heart. I wouldn't call it lower priority as much as sitting behind some committed items. But #186 gets a full vote by me as well!

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