Error During Deployment of all Class Files and Trigger

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Torsten Rost created an issue

If I do "Deploy Modified Metadata ..." or "Deploy All Metadata ..." I get Erros on ALL Class Files an Trigger "Error:(1, 1) An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 1972025071-134002 (-1295762811)"

If I do the Deployment using the Migration Tool everything is fine. So I think there is not problem on the class files or trigger and no problem on my org.

If I deploy the class files or triggers one by one (using CRTL+S) everthing is fine.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Thanks for the report, Torsten. I'll follow up with Salesforce and see if I can get more information about that error message so I can understand why this is happening.

    One request for you in the interim, though...can you change the API used for deployment of Apex classes/triggers from Tooling to Metadata to see if the same problem occurs? You can do that under Settings>Illuminated Cloud>Validation and Deployment by changing Apex>On Save from Deploy with the Tooling API to Deploy with the Metadata API. I ask because that should do make IC deploy in the exact same manner as the Migration Tool. It'll help me understand if this is a problem specifically with IC or perhaps with the Tooling API. Thanks!

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