Typing a method annotiation (i.e. @isTest) and pressing return starts the next line indented

Issue #247 resolved
Chris Peterson created an issue

If you try and type something like:

static void blah(){}

You'll instead get

        static void blah(){}

It appears that starting with the annotiation first on it's own line causes IC to see the next line as a continuation and apply the (by default) 8-space continuation indent. Since it's a method level annotation this isn't right - the method should be at the same indent level as the annotations on it according to all code styles I've seen to date.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Funny...here's a TODO I left for myself in the formatter:

    // TODO: Multiple annotations aren't formatting quite right; the second annotation ends up on a continuation indent
  2. Matt Simonis

    I'd love to see this fixed. Minor annoyance when I write unit tests (which is almost every day). Small workaround I've done is put a test method below the ones I want to write, and then it will format fine. See below.

    private class TestClass {
        // Write tests here with @isTest annotation and they will format without issue because of the test below.
        private static void notARealTest() {}
  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Okay, this will be fixed in the next build, not just for @IsTest for but all annotations typed as the leading part of a new declaration.

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