Get all record / field values for related objects in a subquery

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Daniel Stefan created an issue

Hi Scott,

i tried the following query:

SELECT Id, (SELECT Name FROM Contacts) FROM Account;

Currently the displayed result is "size of the related Objectlist" + (last list value?) of the requested fields.

Is there a inner / nested Table structure which you could use to display/link to all of the returned relationship objects? I guess passing a comma separated value list would not be difficult to implement, but for many returned values not easy to handle for the user.

Best Regards

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Yeah, I don't currently support 1:M relationships, but I did put #87 out there as a placeholder for adding that. I've considered the nested table idea but it gets complicated if you include multiple child relationship queries in a single top-level query in terms of presentation since each has its own set of fields. Basically you'd need to present a child table per-child relationship.

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