Visualforce completion for controller class names, controller properties/fields, and formula syntax

Issue #28 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

Add Visualforce completion support for:

  • SObject type names in apex:page>standardController
  • Controller class names in apex:page>controller/extensions
  • Formula functions in {!...} expressions
  • Global variables in {!...} expressions
  • Controller properties/fields in {!...} expressions
  • SObject fields in {!...} expressions

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  1. Matej Pinter

    I would not like to open new issue so I will just write here. I have found one "glitch" or bug not sure yet, but when I write controller code and then I go to write VF page code I get some errors and red coloring over my code when I type some {!} with boolean variables from constructor in rendered attribute of VF objects. Sometimes it doesn't allow me to deploy page as it thinks there is an error, but I have found workaround for that: just save before IDEA starts to validate page and throw and error. Well error is color no matter what, but page gets deployed that way. It is not breaking bug, but a little "annoyance" at the moment. You can probably fix that in parallel with this new enhancement for VF completion {!} statements. I'm really looking forward to that functionality as this will GREATLY shorten my development time as I won't need to go back and forth between controller and VF code and copy&paste stuff like crazy. :) I hate copy&pasting code all the time and this also generate problems some time so autocomplete code generation should shorten code writing time and also reduce number of errors we might make.

  2. Scott Wells reporter

    Yeah, the issue there is that IDEA's own support for HTML, Javascript, etc., is trying to validate certain expressions in that context and doesn't know the data type of the injected "{!...}" Visualforce expression. In the Validation & Deployment settings for Illuminated Cloud, you should be able to check Compile when local errors are present for Visualforce to tell Illuminated Cloud to deploy even if IDEA thinks the source is invalid. Let me know if that doesn't at least work around the annoyance.

    Issue #12 exists for exactly this problem. I'm still digging in to figure out how IDEA's own JSP support accommodates this so I can do the same in my composite markup. It's definitely something I want to work properly so that if IDEA shows a red status marker, it's because there are legitimate issues!

  3. Matej Pinter

    Compile when local errors are present is automatically checked in plugin. Currently I'm working on some other page than before and I just got errors after first save, but then errors disappeared and now there is none. It's kinda strange behavior on page before, but as I said it is not something that would break my work, I can continue working. Please keep up the good work :)

  4. Scott Wells reporter

    Okay. I'll take a look and see if I'm for some reason only respecting that configuration flag for validation and then ignoring it for actual deployment. As for the errors disappearing, someone else has reported that and I'll be looking into it for one of the upcoming patches as well. It should only be removing errors in the edited file until that file is validated/deployed, not errors in other files from the most recent deployment.

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