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Matej Pinter created an issue

Hi Scott,

it's me again with new feature wish. Currently only salesforce console allows to edit and save SOQL lines when doing queries. As you know we are more and more using IDEA instead of old tools, and this is something that would greatly help. Inside IDEA we also have SOQL autocomplete which speeds up work considerably. Currently if I wish to edit some records, I have to build query inside IDEA, copy&paste it inside console, execute it and then edit desired rows.

This is not a big deal breaker, so I will assign lower priority and when you have time you may look into it.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    I definitely like the idea as I've had to do the exact same thing a few times...leave IC in order to do quick edits of data...or sometimes I just go over to Anonymous Apex and query/change/update, but it's similarly disconnected. I'm going to focus on Lightning components next but will definitely keep this in the queue. Thanks for suggesting!

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Robert, copying should work. Are you on a Mac? If so, there's a bug in IntelliJ IDEA itself (the JBTable Swing component) that causes it to react to CTRL+C instead of CMD+C on the Mac. They're aware of the the problem, but I'm not sure about their ETA for a fix. Nonetheless, please let me know if you can't use CTRL+C to copy the hightlight cell(s).

  3. Vivek M. Chawla

    I'm glad I found your last comment, Scott! I was going to file an enhancement request to ask for the ability to copy data out of the SOQL Query Results grid!

    I tried the CTRL+C instead of CMD+C, and it worked! Thanks!

  4. Justin Julicher

    It would be good to use the metadata describe to change picklist values and the like too i.e. when editing a picklist a drop down displays with the valid values.

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