"Show More" triangle glyph does not show proper state when opening the "Connections" editor dialog

Issue #350 resolved
Vivek M. Chawla created an issue

This is a very, very minor graphical bug. Definitely back-burner stuff. :-)

While creating or editing a Connection, if you expand the "Advanced" portion of the dialog by clicking the small right-pointing triangle, you will see the advanced config settings for that particular connection.

If you return to that connection, the "Advanced" section stays open, but the little triangle is pointing the wrong way, as if the section was supposed to be closed. Click once and the section closes, but the arrow doesn't change (why should it? It's correct now!)

Click one more time and the section opens, and the triangle points down.




Like I said, this is a really minor graphical bug. Good for tackling when you want to add some polish (or pad the bug-squashing stats!).

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Funny...I fixed it...then completely changed the UI so it's not actually needed anymore. Either way it's fixed in

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