Update for Winter '17

Issue #401 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

Once all orgs have been updated to Winter '17, update the following:

  1. SOAP client based on Winter '17 WSDLs.
  2. Available API versions for connection configuration.
  3. Explicit OST adjustments for system classes.
  4. New/updated Visualforce system components, global variables, and functions.
  5. New/updated Lightning system components and global value providers.

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  1. Scott Wells reporter

    Looks like October 16th would be the earliest I could do this since that's when all orgs will have been upgrade to Winter '17.

  2. Scott Wells reporter

    Peter, thanks for the reminder...I had this on a list somewhere and meant to open an enhancement for it. Yes, I do intend to integrate that, most likely as what's known as an "external annotator" in IntelliJ IDEA. I want to see if the supporting mechanisms are available as an API as well as through the CLI, though if I had to use a CLI that wouldn't be terrible.

    This won't likely happen with the first release that includes Winter '17 support, but I do plan to add it.

  3. RenjixD

    Hi Scott,

    as the Winter17 update enrollment start in these days.. can I expect also a Update for Illuminated Cloud in the next Days? I have to use API 38 in my current Project which currently is often a short blocker on deployment as I have to pull Object Metadata with an other IDE or Tool :D

    Kind Regards

  4. Scott Wells reporter

    I'll definitely release something very shortly after this weekend, but it will likely take a few days. I'll try to work in support for API v38.0 ASAP and then address other updates in a subsequent iteration.

  5. Scott Wells reporter

    FYI, I've made changes locally to incorporate a Winter '17/API v38.0 SOAP client and allow specification of 38.0 as the version for configured connections. This will allow you to retrieve/deploy 38.0-specific metadata and have completions for 38.0-specific Apex system classes (after regenerating your OST).

    I'm working through a few upgrade issues with a third-party library that need to be resolved before I can release this, but I'm hoping that will be put to rest so that I can get it to you before the end of this week or VERY early next week.

    After I've released that, I'll update IC for other Winter '17 enhancements such as new Lightning base components/features.

  6. Scott Wells reporter

    Partial delivery in IC now uses the Winter '17 SOAP client and allows specification of 38.0 as the API version for connections. Still need to update the VF/Lightning component sets, etc., for Winter '17 in one or more subsequent releases.

  7. Scott Wells reporter

    Delivered in including integrated API doc updates, new Lightning components (including base components), OST generation improvements (in particular for system classes), auto-include of SLDS, etc.

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