Bulk check-only Deployment

Issue #408 resolved
Ben Dvorachek created an issue

Allow users to do a check or validate-only deployment from the Deployment Dialogue.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Thanks, Ben. Based on the use case, would you expect to also be able to say whether tests should be run? If the goal is to have things ready for a quick deployment, isn't that also required?

  2. Ben Dvorachek reporter

    Yes, tests need to be run in order for a validation to be available as a Quick Deploy. I don't think the option to specify if tests should be run is relevant to this, since a Validate would almost always be a situation where you're wanting tests to run.

    I'd like to note that issue #320 Deployment - Run Specified Tests can also be applied to Validations, but for now having it Run All Tests would be sufficient for me.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Thanks, Ben. That's what I figured but wanted to clarify so I don't deliver something that doesn't address the full desired use case. I agree that #320 is related, though I'll likely address this one first since it's a fairly common workflow scenario. I need to finish up my work on resource bundle interop but should be able to put this into a relatively near-term release.

  4. Francois Poirier

    Any update on when (if) this feature will be available any time soon? This would be really helpful for us since we often need to validate a deployment in advance when we go into production.


  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    Nothing to report at this point, but looks like this is something that quite a few people would like to see, for sure. Let me wrap up my current work-in-progress and I'll see if I can add this.

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