Custom folder structure for metadata files

Issue #432 duplicate
Aorta Systems created an issue

Have you some plans to provide functionality to create a custom folder structure, for example: ./pathToProject/module/src/classes/handlers* or ./pathToProject/module/src/classes/services and etc.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    I resolved this as a duplicate of #74. This is something I've wanted since I first started on the IDE. One way or the other it's something I'd like to add, but most likely not until 2.x (which I plan to start on soon). At this year's Dreamforce they stated that the new Apex compiler would eventually support something akin to packages in Java/namespaces in C#. If possible I'd prefer to use the first-class support rather than something IC-specific, but if the official support won't materialize for a long time, I may well implement something in IC. Keep an eye on #74 for future progress on this enhancement.

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