I should be able to see which files saved successfully in the event log

Issue #515 resolved
Lauren Rockford created an issue

The event log in illuminated Cloud gives details on which files failed and why, but there is no ability to determine which files saved when a deployment is successful.

This would be especially handy when multiple files fail to save due to an error in one file, and you then have to manually navigate to each file to save. I find myself forgetting which files I've saved and which are unsaved, and there is no information in the event log to tell me which ones I've already saved.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    This will be included in the next build. Each bulk deployment, in-place retrieve, refresh, and delete prints detailed information into the standard IntelliJ IDEA Messages view. I didn't use the Event Log because truncates long messages. Errors are hyperlinked to the corresponding location, etc.

  2. PeteyB

    Um I'd love for this to be resolved but I have and it does NOT list the file deployed. It still says "Deployment Complete: Deployed 1/1 components to " in the event log.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    PeteyB, as noted above, I wasn't able to put the information under the event log because of truncation issues, so you'll find it under the Messages view, e.g.:


    Please let me know if you're not seeing the information there.

  4. PeteyB

    I do see the Messages on retrieve and deploy actions but the Messages window doesn't update on File->Save All or Command-S

    So it's not working on "Save"

    It's weird because when you Save it does a Deploy so you'd think it'd do it

  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    Ah, I see. Yes, I'm only writing details for bulk operations there since the results of a deploy-on-save are generally easier to track than those across large groups of files. That's a trivial change to make for the next build if desired, but my concern was that it might result in unnecessary noise. Would you mind explaining a situation where you'd like details from a deploy-on-save operation that aren't already clearly represented in the Event Log and Problems View? Just trying to understand the use case before making the change.

  6. PeteyB

    To me it's not noise because it's info I don't have. Maybe add a toggle for people who might think it's noise.

    Right now I have no visibility of which files were deployed when I do a "Save" action. I just get the count.

    Let me run you through it:

    Let's say I edit 4 files and hit "Save". When I do the bottom bar flashes the names of the 4 files that are being saved and deployed. But if I miss that I don't know what 4 were saved or if I want to look to see if all the ones I needed to be saved were.

    It gets especially hairy when one file fails causing the whole batch to fail, then I go through this routine of OK which files do I need to save and of course order matters and I have no record to look at.

    Basically the flash of the bottom status bar is the only way for me to check that the files I wanted saved were and it's very transient.

  7. Scott Wells repo owner

    That's helpful, thanks. Okay. I'll include deploy-on-save in the Messages details in the next build and if I hear that some folks say it's noisy I'll make it a configurable option.

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