SOQL Syntax Highlighting - Consistency

Issue #527 resolved
Derek Wiers created an issue

Hello Scott,

You're probably aware of this, but I figured I'd make a ticket for it - perhaps you could fix the highlighting of SOQL inside the Map constructor?:

Map<Id, Opportunity> oppMap = new Map<Id, Opportunity> ([Soql Query Here]);
List<Opportunity> oppList = [Same Soql Query];

The above two lines, no matter what the query is, will not result in the same syntax highlighting. The map in particular will have very little in the way of highlighting.

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  1. Doug Ayers

    Not sure if this is IC thing or IntelliJ in how it parses the symbols. When SOQL query is used in a List or Map constructor then the highlighting is based on the color preference for "Constructor Method". Interestingly, the SObject Name colorization is applied correctly, probably painted after "Constructor Method" is. If it is an order of operations thing then perhaps the SOQL colorization could be applied after the Constructor Method coloring?



  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Yeah, I need to take a look at that. I think it's because it's not able to resolve the constructor associated with the call. Definitely looks strange, though! I'll take a look soon.

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