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Justin Julicher created an issue

Hi Scott,

I think the default source control for most today would be GIT and it would be amazing if it would be possible to create a deploy change set based off the a branch (i.e. all files that have changed on a branch) or all changes since a specific commit. Not sure how hard this would be to integrate with the source control history tracking in IntelliJ.

I had a quick search and couldn't find any related issue



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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    That's an interesting idea, Justin. Repeating back my understanding, basically you'd like to create a deployment payload based on only things that have changed since a designated VCS check-in, correct? I haven't looked at the VCS subsystem to know how hard it might be to enumerate things, but when this does come up on the priority list, I'll take a look. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Daniel Ebel

    Hi, I had an idea for a new feature and this might be it but I'm not 100% sure, so instead of creating a new issue I'll explain it here:

    When I want to deploy a subset of the files I have changed, I need to select them one by one in the Project view and deploy them from there (usually I add them to a favourites list from there, so I don't have to select them all over again in case the deploy fails). However, these Subsets are usually already combined in a changelist in version control for me.

    So it would be great if metadata could be deployed right from the version control (Right-click on one or more files in one or more changelists, selecting the Illuminated Cloud-sub-menu -> Deploy All Metadata...)

    Thanks for your consideration. Really enjoying working with Illuminated Cloud and this feature would make it even better.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Daniel, so basically you're requesting that a deployment (or retrieval, etc.) be able to use the Version Control selection for context just like it can use the Project selection, correct? If so, would you mind opening a separate enhancement request since that would be a distinct change from what Justin originally requested. Thanks!

  4. Justin Julicher

    Hi @Scott Wells

    I’ve found another solution for this using the plugin Git Scope - it creates a scope of all changed files between branches which then allows you to select them for deploy. So in a way you could close this as it fulfils my needs.

    Alternatively, It would be good if it was possible to include this scope in the deployment dialog (or any custom scope for that matter).

  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    Good to know, Justin. I'm still planning to add new deployment/retrieval/delete scopes with VCS changelists as the primary driving reason. It turns out that you can actually do this pretty easily even without a separate plugin by choosing the changelist in the Version Control tab and using Context in the resulting dialog. It picks up the version control context. It just happens to be a separate manual step that I'd like to eliminate if possible.

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