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Peter Lin created an issue

Hi Scott, I am wondering whether you have considered to open to us users of IC to contribute to the documentation of the IC User Manual or User Guide as some pull requests of a Git repository as Markdown format or the following options.

Google G Suite (Google Apps) site, free, included in your Google G Suite account Example:


Bitbucket Example:

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Yes, I'm actively working with a talented tech writer on a first-class user guide right now. We're hoping to publish the following sections this week:

    • Installing Illuminated Cloud
    • Upgrading from Illuminated Cloud 1
    • Updating Illuminated Cloud to the Latest Version
    • Managing Your Illuminated Cloud License
    • Configuring Network Access
      • Configuring the IDE to Use a Proxy Server
      • Configuring the IDE to Accept Substitute SSL Certificates
    • Configuring Application Settings

    We will then add other sections quickly over the next several months prioritized based on what aspects of the product drive the most questions. The next major push will be primarily focused on project creation scenarios, metadata subscription management, and metadata transfer actions (retrieve, deploy, delete).

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