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Luke Kozakewycz created an issue

Been writing Lightning components in IC for a while now and one thing I have found which can get a little messy is working with the different parts of a Lightning bundle.

I'm not sure if this is within the boundaries of what you can develop for the IDE, but I was thinking perhaps it would be nice to allow the file tabs at the top to display a dropdown when clicked which allowed you to select which file within the bundle you want to open. This would reduce the mess in the tab set.

If you wanted, you could perhaps drag the files from the list into the tab set if you needed to (ideal for instances where you may want to split the view which I do on regular basis).

Just an idea anyway. Nothing important. :)

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Luke, are you aware of how Navigate>Related Symbol works within Lightning bundles? On Windows/Linux you can use Ctrl+Alt+Home, and on Mac Ctrl+Cmd+Up, and it will show you all of the Lightning bundle files and, if applicable, the Apex server-side controller class, for easy navigation among the constituent pieces. It's not quite the same as the bottom-tabbed UI, but it does provide VERY fast navigation in a Lightning context.

    As far as the original question, I have considered looking into whether/how a more consolidated editor UI might work in IntelliJ IDEA, both for Lightning bundles and for source files with companion meta.xml files. Once I have the 2.0 features in-the-wild I might revisit that since it does come up as a frequent request from folks.

    Anyway, let me know whether related file navigation helps with this or not. If you haven't been using it my guess is that it will be a major time-saver for you!

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Here's a screenshot showing what it looks like when you use Related Symbol navigation from within a Lightning bundle file:


  3. Luke Kozakewycz reporter

    Well - this changes everything Scott. I didn't know this existed! Thanks for your very cool tip! :)

  4. Scott Wells repo owner

    Glad to hear! If this meets your needs adequately feel free to resolve this enhancement. Otherwise we can keep it open for a tabbed solution, though as I said, I'm not 100% sure that's something I can do easily in IntelliJ's plugin framework.

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