API version 41.0 support

Issue #722 resolved
Peter Lin created an issue

API version 41.0 (Winter '18) will be available in mid-October for all Salesforce instances. Thank you, Scott!

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Thanks for logging, Peter. Yes, I've already starting putting together the Winter '18 changes in another branch and will release a build as soon as all pods have been updated.

  2. leo bitoy

    @PeterLin API version 41 is already active and causing some issues. @ScottWells Any updates/fixes for this update would be most appreciative.

    Thanks Scott!

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Leo, I can likely get a pre-release build attached to this issue over the weekend. I can't update the official build until after everyone has it, though, because it would break everyone not yet updated. If you'd like a pre-release build that works against API v41.0, just let me know here and I'll post one in the next couple of days.

  4. Eric Alexander

    @RoseSilverSoftware Just curious, what major changes happened in v41 that require IC to be updated?

  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    Eric, I update the plugin as part of every seasonal release because there are always changes the the WSDLs from which IC's SOAP clients are generated. Without those changes, when the IDE talks to the server on that API version, it can get unexpected elements in the SOAP envelopes and bomb out. Most of the time these changes are additive, but every release there are at least a few incompatible changes to the WSDL. I also add integrated API docs for all new Apex classes, SObjects, Visualforce/Lightning components/attributes/functions/global variables/value providers, and I incorporate the latest Aura JavaScript interfaces and SLDS CSS. I update the connection API version selector to allow selection of the new API version. There are quite a few other changes that have to be incorporated as well. For the most part I just take the latest release notes:


    and scrape the sections that would affect the IDE, ensuring that it's updated accordingly.

    That's the long answer, but the short answer is really tied to the WSDL updates. If unaddressed and folks try to use the new API version, things can break.

  6. leo bitoy

    Hi Scott,

    This sounds great! I would really appreciate a pre-release build if you have the time!



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