Cancelling a unit test run stops the debug logs from working

Issue #73 resolved
Nathen Drees created an issue

If you start a unit test run, then cancel the process (which also aborts the unit tests in SF), if you try to rerun the same execution from the Run panel no debug logs are retrieved any longer. Looking in Salesforce, it looks like the debug levels across the board are reset to None when unit tests are aborted.

I'm not sure what the options here would be, since you don't really know what the debug levels should be if you just click rerun (and not start a new run from the top right). Maybe keep track of the last ran configuration and use those settings?

The scenario I've encountered this in the most is I started running unit tests and then realized my changes weren't finished deploying yet, so I cancel out. Once the deploy is done, I try to rerun the failed tests again, but since I canceled no debug logs come back.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Should be easy enough to reproduce and track down. I'll take a look soon and see if I can get a fix out.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Nathen, I tried to reproduce this but couldn't. It's obviously from a long time ago with many, many changes/fixes in between. If you can still reproduce this, please let me know.

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