"Create Connection" button mixed with "Create Scratch Org"

Issue #738 resolved
Javier García Manzano created an issue

If I am currently with a Salesforce DX project open and I try to create a new project with the "New connection" button, it keeps opening the Create Scratch org window. In order to be able to introduce a new connection I have to open an old org and then create it.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Javier, just to clarify, you're in the project settings screen (the one with a table showing a row per-module) and you click the + toolbar button, correct? And it always takes you to the new scratch org dialog? If not, please let me know the use case, but I'm going to continue assuming that's what's going on.

    Assuming so, that's intentional. You're working in an SFDX project and should only be able to access/work directly with scratch orgs in that project. Similarly, if you were working in a non-SFDX project, that button would create a new standard connection (username/password/token).

    However, you can still create scratch orgs by opening the connection manager (Illuminated Cloud>Configure Application, Connections tab) which includes toolbar buttons for both standard connections and scratch orgs:


    Please let me know if this explanation resolves the issue for you or not.

  2. Javier García Manzano reporter

    No, the button I press is the "plug" one. The one that opens a "new connection", not the DX one. Nonetheless, I have tried this in my office compute which runs on Windows and it works fine. I'll re-test it at home with my Mac, which was the one that didn't behave as expected.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Ah, yes. That would be a bug if it's doing that. Please let me know if you are able to reproduce it, and I'll also see whether I can do so. Thanks for the follow-up!

  4. German Wren

    I am currently experiencing this same issue. I am trying to setup a new project and need to add a connection. But when I press the plug button, I get the scratch orgs popup. This was working previously, so I am not sure what happened to cause this.

  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    Thanks for confirming, German. This weekend I'll be updating the plugin for Winter '18 and will try to address this for a Monday build. I'll keep you both posted if I need help reproducing it.

  6. Scott Wells repo owner

    Ah, okay. I was able to reproduce it by starting in an SFDX project, then opening the connection manager and clicking the plug icon. Should be simple to fix!

    UPDATE: And...yes, easy to fix. It was a slight bit of carry-over from before I had the two buttons when it was sensitive to the type of project from which the settings were launched.

  7. German Wren

    Thanks! That was really quick. I only started using the plug-in about a week ago, but it is miles ahead of what we used before.

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