Run configurations including inactive classes fail in Winter 18

Issue #746 resolved
Eric Alexander created an issue

Not exactly sure when it started but when Running tests from a run configuration, if any of the classes included in the configuration are Inactive all tests will fail with "Test Ignored"

In the log we see

2017-10-11 19:42:39,096 [129561248] WARN - cloud.client.ForceComApiClient - Status code 403 returned trying to retrieve '': Forbidden

The configuration I was using previously ran without issue so it may be a regression on the Tooling API as that is where it fails.

Removing the Inactive class from the configuration solves the issue.

I would also suggest that when constructing the payload to send to the API that any class that is included in the configuration and is not active that is be excluded from the payload as a preventative measure.

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