NullPointerException when using DX to push to scratch org

Issue #756 resolved
Chuck Liddell created an issue

Filing this as "blocker" but hoping I've just done something stupid on my end to gum up the works.

I updated to and now I am seeing a NullPointerException in IDEA when I try to push metadata to a scratch org using sfdx.

As the NullPointerException pops I get the following message in my Event Log:

9:57 PM Error running Salesforce DX
                    Flag --targetusername expects a value

When I use SFDX from the command line myself, the push is fine.

Here's some more context with what happens when I try various operations:

  1. Push Metadata: NullPointerException and error message about targetusername

  2. Pull Metadata: Error message about targetusername (no exception though)

  3. Clicking connection dropdown in menubar and clicking my scratch org: opens scratch org in web browser successfully

  4. Generate Offline Symbol Table: Error popup "The connection is invalid. Please select or create a valid connection and try the operation again."

Attached a log file. Actions taken to generate the log:

  1. start the IDE

  2. try to do a pull metadata

  3. try to do a push metadata

Two exceptions thrown in the log, one at application start and one when attempting to push.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Chuck, do you mind adding the following to Help>Debug Log Settings and reproducing the issue?


    Then please send me the log. Note that this log will have detailed information so feel free to email it to me if you'd prefer. Once I see what's going on I should be able to turn around a fix very quickly.

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