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Just query but not sure where else to ask. And no category to just ask so logging nder "enhancement" for now.

I can't seem to figure out how to setup IC in a way that saving any components/classes or anything else should push it to salesforce.

In my IC preferences, under "Salesforce DX" tab, I have said yes to all "Save, Create, Delete, Rename/Move" to push to server when saved. But still not doing it.

Also, just curious, will it try to push everything? In my opinion, it takes forever with just regular push command to figure out what to push. Maybe (if not already; but not sure) it can be done to only push the file that has been saved?

Please suggest.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    So I see two questions here. The first is around how to configure IC to perform an SFDX push reliably when you save changes to local metadata. There are two settings to check there under Illuminated Cloud>Configure Application:

    1. In the Validation and Deployment tab, make sure that Override Save All action is checked. This is critical for all save operations to perform a deploy/push. Otherwise IntelliJ tries to "optimize" when save notifications are sent such that if it doesn't think the local buffer is different from the file in the filesystem, it drops the event.
    2. In the Salesforce DX tab, make sure that Automatically push to server on>Save is checked.

    If you have it configured that way and it's still not pushing every time you type Ctrl+S/Cmd+S, please let me know.

    The second question seems to be about whether you can do partial pushes since full pushes seem expensive. Salesforce DX fully manages which subset of metadata is moved when you push and pull. It tracks the local<=>server state and on each push or pull tries to determine exactly what needs to be moved and only deploys/retrieves that. Now, one thing that's important is that under the hood, SFDX only uses the metadata API which can take longer than the tooling API.

    Let me know if I've misunderstood your questions or not answered them to your satisfaction.

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