Hitting Tab Key In Anonymous Apex Editor Switches Focus to Log Filter Text Entry

Issue #768 new
Scott Posey created an issue


Hitting the tab key in the Anonymous Apex Editor switches the focus to the Log Filter Text Entry. It would be nice if it just did a tab in the editor.

Initially, I didn't notice that I had typed some stuff in there and assumed I had nuked my anon apex script.

The Anonymous Apex Editor is saving my life right now, because the Developer Console doesn't save the script consistently, and the live code link from the error logs to the code saves tons of time, and the code completion is a complete lifesaver.

It would be super if the Anonymous Apex Editor had all the features of the Apex Class Editor, including all the editor features and, most importantly, local history!

This is a killer feature!

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  1. Eric Alexander

    Just confirming that I see this too. I do not recall it always being that way but for the last several release at least it has bit me

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Yep, it happens to me, too...and I'm equally annoyed! I don't think it's recent, but if so it must a change in IntelliJ as I haven't touched anything there in a good long while. Either way it's not the right behavior so I'll take a look soon. Thanks for reporting and confirming!

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