Paying with paypal

Issue #77 resolved
Matej Pinter created an issue

Is it possible to get paying option for plugin for paypal?

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  1. Matej Pinter reporter

    It is working, but I have one more question and I will just write here so I don't need to make new issue.

    This licence I bought is only for one computer. Is there going to be any option for multiple computers? Because I use IDEA on 2 computers, one is notebook I got at work, which is very slow, but I can work when I'm moving around, and I have my own stationary computer at home where I work sometimes. I saw, there is an option to deactivate one machine and activate on another, but how many times can we do that? Is it limited? Is it possible to make licence be activated on multiple machines but cannot start IDEA when one instance is already open on another computer?

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