Not possible to dismiss configured SFDX Executable does not exist error dialog

Issue #778 resolved
Örn Ingvar Ásbjörnsson created an issue

I opened IDEA after a week away and updated to the latest version of Illuminated Cloud. When restarting the IDE I'm stuck with this dialog appearing and I'm unable to get rid of it which blocks me from opening preferences to solve the issue.

I have not changed the sfdx executable since I last opened IDEA but once I got this error I did try a sfdx update in the terminal which had no effect.

No matter how often I press Ok it always appears again. Any workarounds for this or fixes?

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Well that's not good! Okay, so that path is stored under your home directory in a file called .IntelliJIdea<version>/config/options/illuminatedCloud.xml in an element like the following:

        <option name="sfdxExecutablePath" value="C:/Program Files/sfdx/bin/sfdx.exe" />

    Can you see what's configured for that? Ultimately it's checking to see if that path points to a valid, executable binary. If not, feel free to correct it in that file while IntelliJ is closed. You can also just remove the line altogether and then use the IDE to configure it when you start it.

    Hopefully that will give you a workaround, but it sounds like there's something for me to address here as well. Let me know if that doesn't get you past it.

  2. Örn Ingvar Ásbjörnsson reporter

    I removed the value and now it works. I tested the path for the sfdx executable (~/.local/share/sfdx/cli/bin/) and it was correct so it is a strange error. But since I haven't started using sfdx actively I can live without it.

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