Offline Symbol Table object does not contain newly created fields

Issue #780 resolved
Przemyslaw Tamoń created an issue

Hello Scott,

I saw similar issues here and there were supposed to be solved by some updates, but I think I still experience a problem connected with OST. The problem:

  1. I have an existing, custom object which contains fields I see in OST and which I can use in auto-completion.
  2. I add some new fields through a Salesforce instance's Setup.
  3. I update metadata in IC by Right click on project -> Retrieve Metadata -> Refresh -> Retrieve
  4. I don't see these new fields neither in my OST object nor in auto-completion (which is kinda obvious actually).

Could you help me with this issue?

Regards, Przemek

Update: Nevermind, I found a solution in FAQ (Why isn't completion/navigation/etc. working properly? -> The Offline Symbol Table has never been generated or needs to be regenerated)

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Sorry for the delayed response, Przemek. It's taken me a few days to settle back in post-Dreamforce. I'm glad you found the solution, though.

    Regards, Scott

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