SFDX - Error on push but IC shows "All Files are Up To Date"

Issue #786 resolved
Eric Alexander created an issue

I was missing a meta.xml file in one of the GIT branches and when I merged into master the class was added but not the meta-xml file.

In a new scratch org I attempted to do a PUSH or the merged metadata but IC just said "All Files Up To Date"

When I wen into the terminal and tried to push, it showed me the error.

Upon getting the missing meta-xml IC happily pushed.

So the issue is when SFDX reports an error on a PUSH IC simply says all files up to date. It took me a few to figure out that there was actually an error and manually rectify it..

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Interesting. I'm just keying off of their output. I wonder if it's an IC bug or a CLI bug. I've run into plenty of both! I'll see if I can reproduce it, but if someone can reliably please let me know how and/or attach an idea.log of it.

  2. Eric Alexander reporter

    You could replicate it by

    1. Create project and scratch org
    2. Use computer to copy source into directory and for any class don’t copy the meta xml file
    3. Try to do a push

    The cli does throw an error yet IC says up to date when doing a push

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