Porting connections between IDEs

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Luke Kozakewycz created an issue

Hi Scott,

I've recently taken the plunge and upgraded my IDE to Ultimate. I've got IC installed fine, but I have no connections (apart from scratch orgs). Do you know how to port my old legacy connections into the new IDE? Is there a specific file I should copy?


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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Luke, you can use File>Export Settings and choose just IlluminatedCloud to get all application-level settings into a jar, then use File>Import Settings to pull those in. That will include all connections as well as things like Validation & Deployment config. If you want to cherry pick, the file is under $HOME/.IdeaIC<version>/config/options/illuminatedCloud.xml for CE and $HOME/.IntelliJIdea<version>/config/options/illuminatedCloud.xml for UE. On Mac those are under ~/Library, I think.

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