Code completion on attribute name when getting / setting value in controller / helper?

Issue #823 resolved
Rick Nendza created an issue

This has probably been discussed and I'm pretty sure it's not even possible given it's a string.. but.... one of the things that drives me nutz about developing in lightning components is how verbose it is in accessing attributes.

Is there any way to do code completion on the string name of the attribute from a lightning controller / helper. (ie see below). Feel free to nuke this request if it's just redic.. and not at all possible.. maybe it's just more of a gripe of mine in re to lightning syntax...


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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    That should already be supported. What happens when you type Ctrl+Space after v.? Here's what happens for me:


    If it's not working for you we'll convert this into a bug and see if we can figure out why.

  2. Rick Nendza reporter

    OK... stipulated. I'm an idiot. I was spoiled a bit to much by referencing the attribute in the actual component itself ie {!v.outputAttibuteNAme} where it would kick in after typing v. without a ctrl+Space. That's how lazy I am.. Thanks so much for the quick response.. I'll go hide in the corner now... close this out and burn it please. :)

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Oh, not a problem at all. The reason it doesn't auto-activate on dot is because I've kind of "injected" it into that string. That's probably something I can fix...just need to figure out how. In the interim, though, hopefully what's there now will meet your needs. Let me know what you find that's missing because I do know that there are still some missing Lightning completions/navigation given how various things interrelate.

  4. Rick Nendza reporter

    All good. I think I my old fingers can handle the ctrl+space to save 30hrs of DEV :) Bigger fish to fry. Awesome plugin btw. Been bragging to a lot of others that aren't on the Intellij train.. Heck some even still using ... well I'll leave my thoughts out.. but the developer console. I'm pretty sure I'll drive some subscriptions your way. Keep up the awesome work!

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