Deploy/retrieve a contextually selected subset of metadata

Issue #83 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

Several users have requested the ability to deploy/retrieve a subset of metadata based on contextual selection, e.g., a node in the Project view or the editor window itself.

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  1. Tom Gangemi

    I'm not sure if this should be a separate enhancement but also having the ability to deploy directly to a different connection would be helpful. e.g. Right click an apex class in my Sandbox org and deploy it directly to a Prod org.

  2. David Dean

    Contextual deployment would be fantastic. It will certainly ease transition from other tools.

    Happy to hear this feature is near the top of the list. Thanks Scott!

  3. Scott Wells reporter

    Partially delivered in It is now possible to deploy the contextually-derived selection or a user-defined custom selection in addition to the previous options of Project, Module + Dependencies, and Module. In, I will extend this notion to metadata retrieval as well.

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