Illuminated Cloud causing IntelliJ to freeze

Issue #835 resolved
Robert Pence created an issue

IntelliJ & Illuminated Cloud are unusable.

Open IntelliJ, open Salesforce project, IntelliJ indexes project, type a few characters, IDE freezes and must be force quit.

IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3.2 (Ultimate Edition) Build #IU-173.4127.27, built on December 25, 2017

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi, Robert. Sorry for the issue. Can you send me the resulting idea.log? The easiest way to get it is to use Help>Show Log in Finder after startup if you can do that before the IDE freezes. If you can't do that, here's how you can find them manually:

    Feel free to the logs if you'd like. Hopefully there will be something obvious in there.

  2. Robert Pence reporter

    Thanks for responding so quickly. Attached the requested log file.

    Looks like an infinite loop at com.illuminatedcloud.intellij.psi.impl.ApexInterfaceDeclarationMixin.getAllImplementedTypeDeclarations(SourceFile:153)

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Okay, there's a repeated stack overflow in there that I've not seen. If you can, once IntelliJ starts, can you try to do File>Invalidate Caches / Restart>Invalidate & Restart? Once the IDE restarts and caches are rebuild, I'll be interested to know if it still happens. Also, can you verify the version of Illuminated Cloud that you have installed? The log you attached doesn't include the portion where IC writes out its version info.

  4. Scott Wells repo owner

    Okay. I'll also add some protection against direct or mutual recursion for the next-next build (I'm about to release so it won't go into that). Keep me posted if it recurs, though.

  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    Okay. Let me see if I can squeeze the prospective fix into the next build. I might post it here for you to verify before uploading the final build. I'll let you know very shortly.

  6. Scott Wells repo owner

    Okay, here's a build with the prospective fix. Can you install it using Preferences>Plugins>Install plugin from disk and see whether it resolves the issue for you or not? Let me know if you have any issues installing it.

  7. Robert Pence reporter

    It's currently installed. I've been able to add a few lines of code and run a few unit tests. Seems promising, I let you know otherwise. Thanks for you quick help!

  8. Scott Wells repo owner

    Good. I've been testing it as well, even forcing an inheritance loop and verifying that it solves that issue. My guess is that this is a workaround for another issue where IC is detecting some kind of mutual inheritance that's not really there. I'm curious to know what that is, but let's make sure this keeps you typing for the moment.

  9. Scott Wells repo owner

    The fix is in the just-uploaded, so feel free to take that update. I've also integrated it into IC2 and will include it in the next build.

  10. Scott Wells repo owner

    Note that there is a small issue in that I found with find usages in this scenario. I've fixed it in the upcoming and will include it in However, if you run into it and it causes you issues, I can provide an early build with that part of the fix as well.

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