Support SFDX retrieve/convert/deploy operations against MDAPI orgs

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Brian Hafferkamp created an issue

Ever since I started using DX, I have been unable to properly set up a module connection. Though I have all of my sandbox/production orgs properly connected, when I open up the connection list on the module set up, it will only show me any DX scratch orgs.

To reproduce, I open Project Structure, go to modules, edit Connections, and click the Connection dropdown on the appropriate module. Only DX scratch orgs show.

This is preventing me from retrieving any metadata information from my orgs.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Brian, if I understand correctly, you're working with an SFDX project and trying to choose a traditional (username/password/token) connection for a module in that project. Is that correct? If so, that intentional. Projects are either DX or non-DX, and you cannot configured modules in a project with the opposite type of connection. If I've misunderstood the situation please let me know.

  2. Brian Hafferkamp reporter

    Alright, I was unaware of that. That's good to know. Did you then intend for us to only be able to retrieve metadata from an org using the DX CLI when working on a DX project? That is how this issue surfaced.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    I thought that might be the motivating use case. I do plan to add a first class feature for deploying the metadata for an SFDX project to an MDAPI org and vice-versa including the obligatory metadata format conversion step...basically make that a first-class feature. Until I do so, yes, you'd need to use the CLI to deploy/retrieve/convert. I'll keep this issue around for that work and update the subject to reflect the intention.

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