Add method description when creating new method in Apex

Issue #95 resolved
Jiri Lahoda created an issue

Add method description (from template) when creating new method in Apex.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Jiri, just thought I'd follow up on the intentions for this enhancement. Are you wanting some way to have a template header block comment that's automatically added for new methods or something? Just not sure I understand the request. Thanks!

  2. Jiri Lahoda reporter

    Hi, yes exactly ... something like javadoc so i dont have to copy it for each method... something like:

    /************* * Description: createProductBudget * Create a single Pricebook * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Date Name Modification Description * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * 27-Jul-2015 David Created

    or whatever is setup in template/include ...

  3. Scott Wells repo owner
    • removed version

    I'm thinking that I'll address this one in conjunction with #27 and use a template (out-of-the-box or user-defined) for the header that gets generated. That won't come until after the deployment/retrieval enhancements slated for 1.6, though.

  4. Vivek M. Chawla

    This is a pretty interesting feature. I'd like it, too, but only if I could easily define my own template.

  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    The recent ApexDoc goes quite far in this request, and I already plan to formatter configuration options for the generated method header which should cover the remainder. Closing this as a duplicate of that upcoming work.

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