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Issue #993 resolved
Justin Julicher created an issue

Enable an additional context menu item - 'quick deploy'

Under selected menu item you would have a list of current connections.

Either the current file or in the Project panel selected files would be deployed.

Reason: Sometimes I want to push a couple of files to a sandbox and I know it is fine to push them. Without waiting for the dialogue box which can take a number of minutes to populate in our large org.

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  1. Justin Julicher reporter

    Hmm, Not sure but if you do a Deploy All Metadata does it skip the checks and loading of metadata?

  2. Justin Julicher

    Was thinking it would be good to have like a quick add option on this also similar to the CTRL-N (goto class/file) functionality.

  3. Justin Julicher

    I think you can mark this as resolved now. WIth your recent changes to the deployment dialog this opens a lot quicker so this functionality would not create much benefit.

  4. Piotr Kożuchowski

    @Justin Julicher Find “Force Save” in keymap and assign it to Ctrl+Shift+S (or other keymap of your liking). It does exactly what you describe - saves file when you have file focused, saves selected files or folders in project panel.

    Not sure why it’s not in context menu anymore, but it was there.

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