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Configuring the IDE to Use a Proxy Server

If your network has limited connectivity, you may need to configure the base IDE to use a corporate proxy server. The licensing software used by Illuminated Cloud doesn't support automatic proxy configuration, so you'll need to setup a manual proxy configuration.


If you haven't already, obtain the following information required to configure the proxy server connection from your System Administrator:

  • The type of connection: HTTP or SOCKS
  • The host name and port number of the proxy server.
  • Any domains or IP addresses to whitelist.
  • The credentials required to authenticate with the server, if required.

For more information on HTTP Proxy, see JetBrains' Help.

To configure a proxy server connection:

  1. Select Settings (Windows) or Preferences (Mac) then Appearance & Behavior > System Settings > HTTP Proxy and choose the Manual proxy configuration option.


  2. Enter the specific settings for your proxy server, and check the connection before clicking OK to save your changes.

If your configuration also uses SSL certificate substitution, see the instructions here.

If you are unable to successfully configure your workstation to communicate with the licensing servers, you can use Offline Activation to activate and deactivate your Illuminated Cloud license key. See Managing Your Illuminated Cloud License for instructions.