Traffic Light

Traffic Light is an application that can be used to monitor builds from CruiseControl.NET, Jenkins, Team City and Pulse. It supports using a Delcom traffic light to report build statuses, as well as a on screen user interface.


When the application starts, it will have no projects to monitor. To set up a project to monitor, right click on the Traffic Light icon and select "Show Projects", then click "Add Project." Enter information about the project on the new screen:

  • Project URL: The URL to the XML for the build server.
    • CruiseControl.NET: use /XmlStatusReport.aspx.
    • Jenkins: Jenkins provides a CC.NET compatible output at /cc.xml
    • TeamCity: TeamCity also provides a CC.NET compatible output.
      • For authorized users: /httpAuth//app/rest/cctray/projects.xml
      • For guest access: /guestAuth/app/rest/cctray/projects.xml
    • Pulse: Pulse uses an XML-RPC endpoint at /xmlrpc
  • Server Type: Select CruiseControl for any server that uses a CruiseControl compatible output. Select Pulse for Pulse servers.
  • Project Name: This should match the name of the project you want to monitor. Leave it blank to monitor all projects for the URL.
  • Username: If your build server is behind basic authentication, enter a username to get build statuses. Note that Pulse requires authentication information.
  • Password: Your password to authenticate against the build server. NOTE: for now at least, passwords are stored in plain text in the local SQLite database Traffic Light uses.

Once the project is saved, Traffic Light will start monitoring the URL every 15 seconds.


There are two ways to monitor the current build status:

  1. An On-Screen Traffic Light. Just double click on the system tray icon for Traffic Light, and a screen will show the Traffic Light (it takes up to 15 seconds to update with the latest build status for now).
  2. Delcom Traffic Light: Ensure the Delcom.dll is in the same folder as the Traffic Light executable, and that the device is plugged into a USB port, and it will be used to report build status.

Issues / Features

Traffic light is using a Trello board to manage new development and track issues. Details about the board can be found on this card.

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