TrafficLight / src / Core / Presenters / EditProjectPresenter.cs

using RossCode.TrafficLight.Core.Domain;
using RossCode.TrafficLight.Core.Domain.Repositories;
using RossCode.TrafficLight.Core.Presenters.Views;
using RossCode.TrafficLight.Core.Services;

namespace RossCode.TrafficLight.Core.Presenters
    public class EditProjectPresenter : PresenterBase<IEditProjectView>
        private readonly IProjectRepository projectRepository;
        private readonly IProjectStatusResolverService projectStatusResolverService;
        private Project project;

        public EditProjectPresenter(IEditProjectView view, IProjectRepository projectRepository, IProjectStatusResolverService projectStatusResolverService) : base(view)
            this.projectRepository = projectRepository;
            this.projectStatusResolverService = projectStatusResolverService;
            View.SaveProject += SaveProject;
            view.TestProject += TestProject;

        private void TestProject()
            var testProject = new Project
                    Name = View.ProjectName,
                    Url = View.ProjectUrl,
                    Username = View.Username,
                    Password = View.Password

            var status = projectStatusResolverService.CheckStatus(testProject);
            View.Alert(status == BuildStatus.Unknown ? "Failure" : "Success");

        private void SaveProject()
            if (project == null)
                project = new Project();

            project.Name = View.ProjectName;
            project.Url = View.ProjectUrl;
            project.Username = View.Username;
            project.Password = View.Password;



        public void SetProject(Project projectToEdit)
            project = projectToEdit;
            View.SetupForProject(!project.Id.HasValue || project.Id.Value <= 0);
            View.ProjectName = project.Name;
            View.ProjectUrl = project.Url;
            View.Username = project.Username;
            View.Password = project.Password;
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