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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Module with the custom blohg reStructuredText roles.

    :copyright: (c) 2011 by Rafael Goncalves Martins
    :license: GPL-2, see LICENSE for more details.

from docutils.nodes import reference
from flask import current_app, url_for

import posixpath

__all__ = ['attachment_role']

def attachment_role(name, rawtext, text, lineno, inliner, options={}, content=[]):
    """reStructuredText role that creates a Text node with the full url for an

    label = ""
    if '|' in text:
        text, label = text.split('|')
    full_path = posixpath.join(current_app.config['ATTACHMENT_DIR'], text)
    if full_path not in list(current_app.hg.revision):
        msg = inliner.reporter.error(
            'Error in "%s" role: File not found: %s.' % (
                name, full_path
        prb = inliner.problematic(rawtext, rawtext, msg)
        return [prb], [msg]
    url = url_for('attachments', filename=text, _external=True)
    if not label:
        label = url
    return [reference(url, label, refuri=url)], []

__roles__ = {
    'attachment': attachment_role,