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Apply elephant-new-transactions from experimental

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 (defmethod open-store ((store-type (eql :elephant)) &rest args &key spec &allow-other-keys)
   (declare (ignore args)) 
-  (setup-elephant-transaction-hooks)
   (setf *default-store*
 	(make-instance 'elephant-store
 		       :controller (setf *store-controller* (elephant:open-store spec)))))
     (setf *default-store* nil))
   (elephant:close-store (elephant-controller store))
   (when (eq (elephant-controller store) *store-controller*)
-    (setf *store-controller* nil))
-  (remove-elephant-transaction-hooks))
+    (setf *store-controller* nil)))
 (defmethod clean-store ((store elephant-store))
   ;; Drop everything from the root
 ;;; Transactions ;;;
-(defmethod begin-transaction ((store elephant-store))
+(defmethod use-dynamic-transaction-p ((store elephant-store))
-(defmethod commit-transaction ((store elephant-store))
-  t)
-(defmethod rollback-transaction ((store elephant-store))
-  t)
-(defun elephant-transaction-hook (hooks)
+(defmethod dynamic-transaction ((store elephant-store) proc)
   "This dynamic hook wraps an elephant transaction macro around the body hooks.
    This allows us to gain the benefits of the stable transaction system in elephant"
-  (let ((valid-sc (get-valid-sc)))
-    (if valid-sc
-	(ensure-transaction (:store-controller valid-sc)
-	  (eval-dynamic-hooks hooks))
-	(eval-dynamic-hooks hooks))))
-(defun get-valid-sc ()
-  "This function provides some reasonable defaults for elephant.  Namely, that
-   the default transaction is either the default store or the current store controller.
-   Care must be taken when using multiple elephant stores with weblocks.  The 
-   consequences are as yet undefined."
-  (cond ((subtypep (type-of *default-store*) 'elephant-store)
-	 (elephant-controller *default-store*))
-	((not (null *store-controller*))
-	 *store-controller*)))
-(defun setup-elephant-transaction-hooks ()
-  "Ensure that the elephant transaction hook is registered on action and rendering code"
-  (pushnew 'elephant-transaction-hook (request-hook :application :dynamic-action)))
-;;  (pushnew 'elephant-transaction-hook (request-hook :application :dynamic-render)))
-(defun remove-elephant-transaction-hooks ()
-  "Remove the elephant-specific transaction hooks"
-  (symbol-macrolet ((action-list (request-hook :application :dynamic-action))
-		    (render-list (request-hook :application :dynamic-render)))
-    (setf action-list (delete 'elephant-transaction-hook action-list))
-    (setf render-list (delete 'elephant-transaction-hook render-list))))
+  (ensure-transaction (:store-controller store)
+    (funcall proc)))
 ;;; Creating and deleting persistent objects ;;;