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Merge clsql-fluid into dev

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 (defmethod open-store ((store-type (eql :clsql)) &rest args)
   (setf *default-caching* nil)
-  (setf *default-store* (apply #'connect args)))
+  (setf *default-store* (apply #'make-instance 'fluid-database
+			       :connection-spec args)))
 (defmethod close-store ((store database))
   (when (eq *default-store* store)


   :author "Slava Akhmechet"
   :licence "LLGPL"
   :description "A weblocks backend for clsql."
-  :depends-on (:closer-mop :metatilities :clsql :weblocks)
+  :depends-on (:closer-mop :metatilities :clsql :clsql-fluid :weblocks)
   :components ((:file "clsql")))
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