Author Commit Message Date Builds
Fixing render-data documentation
Documenting and testing render-data-slot
testing and documenting with-data-headers
Separating test data structures into a separate module
Testing and documenting render-data function, adding macro for html tests
Simplifying data renderer and fully converting it to cl-who
Convert existing code to use cl-who library
Adding a documentation string to weblocks package
finished unit tests and documentation for renderer utilities
Unit testing and documenting object-visible-slots method as well as simplifying keyword arguments passing mechanism
Adding initial unit tests and documentation to renderer utilities
Fixing up documentation support
Breaking out scripts into a separate system
Removing unnecessary dependencies
Reorganizing the structure to better support testing
Adding missing images
Made sure config flags are passed to inner objects rendered through slots.
Make sure css file works in IE
Made sure slots without readers are rendered if their names are passed in slot-names.
A simple script for documenting weblocks
Adding initial support for tinaa (documentation)
Making final style adjustments to render-data
More stylistic changes
Progressing generic renderers (adding stylesheet, updating documentation, etc.)
Updating documentation with the roadmap
Adding full support for observe-order-p
Adding support for renaming and hiding fields
A sample page
Adding hunchentoot to allow for testing on the web
Adding better support for rendering complex slots
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