Author Commit Message Date Builds
Completing unit tests for utils and form-renderer
Reorganizing and adding documentation to data-form and data-table renderers.
Finilizing renderers refactoring
Refactoring renderers
Improving captions stylesheets
Improving captions
Finilizing support for table captions
Advancing table rendering
Styling table renderer
Adding support for inline rendering to table headers
Adding more todo items
Adding table renderer
Adding to-do items to docs
Updating docs and minnor code snippets
Fixing form labels in generic form renderer
Cleaning up html/css
Updating docs
Fixing up unit tests
Moving data-renderer tests
Updating docs
Added better styling to forms
Adding font styling and fixing nbsp in code
Unifying css where possible between form and data renderers
Improving stylesheets and html rendering
Morde to-do stuff
Adding todo
Adding form renderer
Improving the stylesheet
Moving the test for render-extra-tags
Moving render-extra-tags to a utility file
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