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Port to latest Hunchentoot (1.2.x series).

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 (export '(handle-http-error handle-error-condition print-trivial-backtrace))
-(setf hunchentoot:*handle-http-errors-p* nil)
 (defmacro with-error-page-html ((title heading &optional description) &body body)
   (log-message :debug "Application dispatch failed for '~A'" (script-name request)))
 ;; Redirect to default app if all other handlers fail
+;; *** removed from Hunchentoot; find another way to implement this.
 (setf hunchentoot:*default-handler*
       (lambda ()
 	(if (null (tokenize-uri (script-name*) nil))
 		(start-webapp 'weblocks-default))
 	      (redirect "/weblocks-default"))
 	    (setf (return-code*) +http-not-found+))))
 ;; install weblocks-dispatcher
 (eval-when (:load-toplevel)
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