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removed moptilities from package use list

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 			   ;; we remove the dom-object-mixin from the list of classes, as it
 			   ;; isn't too useful when styling widgets --jwr
 			   (loop for i in (remove (find-class 'dom-object-mixin)
-						  (superclasses obj :proper? nil))
+						  (moptilities:superclasses obj :proper? nil))
 			      until (string-equal (class-name i) 'standard-object)
 			      collect i)))
 		  " "))


   (defpackage #:weblocks
-    (:use :cl :c2mop :metabang.utilities :moptilities :hunchentoot :cl-who :json :fare-matcher :cont :parenscript
+    (:use :cl :c2mop :metabang.utilities :hunchentoot :cl-who :json :fare-matcher :cont :parenscript
           :anaphora :f-underscore)
-    (:shadowing-import-from :c2mop #:defclass #:defgeneric #:defmethod
-                            #:standard-generic-function #:ensure-generic-function
-                            #:standard-class #:typep #:subtypep)
     (:shadowing-import-from :f-underscore #:f #:_)
     (:shadowing-import-from :fare-matcher #:match)
     (:shadow #:redirect #:errors)
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